Tuesday, 11 December 2012

floral designer's holiday decor

Jan Munch is a well-known floral designer in Denmark. His home is in Middelfart, which is on the west side of the island Funen (Danish: Fyn), close to where the Little Belt bridge takes you over to Jutland (Jylland). What I like about his holiday decor is the absent of clutter. I love what he has done for the entrance and the back garden; all these lights are so beautiful and festive, and his decorated dogs are simply too cute.

Today is our younger daughter's birthday and I'm about to start preparing for a little party she is having after school. She asked for pizzas and a healthier version of what we call Rice Krispies cakes. As she is someone who loves white chocolate, I'm making a white version as well. Yesterday she also asked for meringue tops with whipped cream and berries but in the grocery store she changed her mind to pancakes. Of course she gets what she wants so I'll put on my apron and deliver. By the way, she's eleven years old today and I think her father and I may need to look at her birth certificate again to see if that is true. I'm pretty sure I gave birth to her about five years ago.

photo credit:
Andreas Mikkel Hansen for Bo Bedre


  1. I love the lights in the garden - so festive. It reminds me of my recent trip to Sweden and all the homes that had lanterns in their gardens. Hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday! :) x

  2. Such a simple and elegant holiday decor. I like it. And the garden looks so festive too. Happy Birthday to your daughter, Lisa! I hope she gets the presents she's wishing for! :)

  3. Lovely pics! Time flies indeed and you notice it so well when you have children. Our daughter turned 5 this autumn and I still think she's our little baby.

  4. Eleven years old! What a fun time - I still remember those days fondly. I'm sure your daughter will enjoy her mummy and daddy preparing such a feast. One of everything sounds good!

  5. Love the nordic vibe of this Xmas decor! Oh and happy birthday to the little miss!

  6. Happy birthday to your (big) little girl! :-)

  7. Til hamingju með dótturina :)

    Kveðjur úr frostinu á Austurlandi,


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