Monday, 17 December 2012

luxembourg: christmas market on place d'armes square

On Saturday I went into the city and grabbed the camera with me to share with you the Christmas market and the holiday decor but as I started photographing, I realised that I had forgotten to charge my camera battery. I managed to take these four before the camera stopped functioning properly. There are small markets in other areas of the city but this is the main one, on the Place d'Armes square, right in the city centre. It's not really big; everything in Luxembourg is small and cosy. The first photo (the snow on the trees is fake) is taken outside a flower shop on Rue Philippe II, very close to the square. They always have such beautiful arrangements outside the shop.

I went to the library, which is next to the square, and borrowed, among others, photography books with the works of Cecil Beaton and Henri Cartier-Bresson - gorgeous books! Before heading back home I grabbed plenty of sushi. I admit it without a hint of shame, that evening I overdosed on sushi; I even had to unbutton my jeans!

Yesterday we went to see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (2012). Oh my, how long we have waited! We enjoyed it so much; it was a 3D visual feast. Throughout the film I was in awe of Peter Jackson and his team's talents and when the film ended I simply wanted to stand up and clap. In my opinion, the casting of Martin Freeman in the role of Bilbo Baggins is a stroke of genius. I cannot wait to see the next two films!

When we came back home I read both good and bad reviews and I have to say that I found the bad ones plain silly and usually full of paradox. Maybe you have to be a LOTR fan to enjoy The Hobbit, I don't know. In this home we have watched the LOTR films again and again and have regular LOTR marathons. I'm really not the adventure film type but I'm hooked on Middle Earth. So, maybe I'm a little biased ... and proud to be.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Oh such a shame your camera battery went flat, I so enjoyed these pictures. Christmas really is magical in the North. But I bet you would enjoy it down here too. Polar opposites, pardon the pun. Beaches, sand, seafood and sunshine. It's so hot here right now, I'm looking at your pictures and trying to feel cool!

  2. these are impressive photos nevertheless. I generally manage only a few good ones out of many more taken :) happy monday

  3. Love your post in so many ways, Lisa! First: It also happened to me that I forgot to charge my camera battery and found myself desperate for not being able to take pics. Second: You made me laugh with the sushi note:-) Third: I love the fact that you are going to libraries. I haven't been to one since study times I think. Fourth: Thanks for the short review of The Hobbit! I will see it in Paris next week. I am very curious!!! Big hugs from Munich!

  4. The city center looks beautiful through your lenses, all dressed up for Christmas. Enjoy your books (all of them)! ;)

  5. Christmas time is so beautiful in your part of the world.
    I am always letting the battery go flat on my camera, so frustrating when you want to use it and have forgotten to recharge!
    Have a happy week,

  6. Lovely pics! Only ever spent a day in Luxembourg, and it was spring then but seeing these pictures I'd like to go and visit in December. Have got a Beaton on the book shelf at home, thanks for reminding me, my daughter likes flicking through that book and I should probably do the same as it's been ages.

  7. Dear Lisa, reading your blog during the Christmas season is a feast for the eyes because you have created such a beautiful collage of images and recipes!

  8. I haven't been to the Xmas market this year. I went last year because my son's class was singing there... This flower shop is really beautiful... I also love the one that is rue de Beaumont... Your pics are lovely and give me a wonderful view of Luxembourg.

  9. Hey, Lisa, these are some lovely pictures, you took only four, but they are perfection, I love when I take picture at night and the sky has this blue intense color, just lovely! I have also seen The Hobbit, I am a fan of Lord of the Rings and I did not know how rapidly the 2h45' have passed, it was amazing, the last scene with the birds and the scene with Cate Blanchet when she reads his mind, but I won't say more :) Have a lovely day :*


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