Thursday, 6 December 2012

sinterklaas - saint nicholas day

When we woke up this morning we found presents under our Christmas tree and a Christmas sock filled with clementines, organic cinnamon cookies and other goodies. It has been a wonderful and festive morning and everyone is happy with the presents. Later today we are baking chocolate chip cookies and a spice loaf, which we will enjoy with hot chocolate.

The Sinterklaas tradition is something we never had in Iceland, but embraced when we moved to Antwerp, Belgium. In Luxembourg it is also a day of celebration and over here it comes with a wonderful twist: the children have the day off school.

Have a beautiful day everyone!

photo credit:
1: Scott Hawkins for Home Life / 2: Carina Olander for Lantliv via Dustjacket Attic / 3: Shadetree Photography on Etsy


  1. Oh how lovely, I hope your day is festive and memorable. x

  2. we do it over here in Germany, too. Nikolaustag. here, there are only as many gifts as fit into a winter boot. or a few ;)

  3. Glad to hear everybody is happy with their presents. The last photo makes me dream of a few snowed in days. Wouldn't mind that at all. :)

  4. Happy Saint Nicholas Day!
    Enjoy those treats; they sound delicious!!


  5. Enjoy the holidays and all the yummy things! Sounds so wonderful! x

  6. I had no idea but it sounds lovely! :-)

  7. thanks for sharing this lisa, i had no idea about the sinterklaas day! we definitely don't have this in the US but i bet all the kids wish we did. it sounds like a really fun tradition.

  8. In Hungary this day called: Mikulás. He bring us chocolate, fruit, nuts in our winter boots, placed in the window!


  9. You have posted some special photos, Lisa. The first one, with the bird and the sparkling globe, is such a lovely one, I can't wait to have my tree prepared for Christmas, this weekend. I hope Sinterklaas brought you only beautiful things. I have been learning a lot of things about Dutch traditions lately (I started my Dutch classes) and I think that you having lived near Holland, know a lot about it, do they also eat speculaas waiting for Sinterklaas?


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