Tuesday, 15 January 2013

brighter shade than pale 07

As I write this, the ground is completely covered in snow. I have been longing for spring but I have to admit that this looks magical and quite beautiful. I'm not going anywhere today, as one of the children is sick in bed. Some nasty flu. I have my coffee and biscotti so I'm good.

Well, I have something else too. Yesterday, A bought me a copy of Vogue Paris (it's the little things ... love those. I'm glad he picked it up because the new issue will be out next week so I would have missed out on this one). It was the December/January issue, or the Carla Bruni issue, as the former First Lady of France was a special guest star. Despite my limited French, I find myself really enjoying it. She gives an exclusive look into her record studio and we get to see her film poster collection and so much more. And, of course, there is plenty of fashion photography. I think it's fitting to end this post with a song ... of course one by Carla Bruni herself.

photo credit:
1: Emily Thompson Flowers / 2: Untamed Heart Photography via Style Me Pretty / 3: Saul Leiter, Waiter, Paris 1959 via Jackson Fine Art / 4: Justin Broadbent via oh, hello friend / 5: Penny Elizabeth Neil via Hannah Nash/Pinterest / 6: Sharyn Cairns for Country Style via Pia Jane Bijkerk/Pinterest

YouTube: Carla Bruni / Quelqu'un m'a dit


  1. Beautiful compilation of images, Lisa. We still have a little snow left, but you never know in our climate: tomorrow we may wake up to a city covered in fairy tale snow. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

  2. I am loving this snow Lisa! As well as the lovely group of images you have put together. Think I will take a note from your book, leave my phone at home and ask my boyfriend to bring me Vogue magazines over dinner.

  3. I was sure that the third picture was taken in one of Paris' cafes, when I saw your source, it was no surprise. I like the way you created this post, all the images fit perfectly. I also like Carla Bruni's music. Enjoy your biscotti and Vogue, Lisa!

  4. It's as if you read my mind... I am going through Carla's music stage as we speak. I haven't listened to her albums for a while and last week suddenly experience the need for them. And here you are talking about her interview. :)
    Wishing the little one a speedy recovery!

  5. I love the photos Lisa! How sweet that you got this Vogue, it sounds like a great issue. I try and click over and look at their site whenever I can, their images are always so enjoyable to me. Love Carla Bruni and this song is perfect for this quiet morning before the day revs up. Hoping you are well and that whoever is sick is better :)

    xo Mary Jo

  6. I hope your little one is well soon! It sounds like you have everything you need to stay cozy. There is a small French cafe in LA where I like to spend a few hours alone having lunch on the weekends, as they have a lot of French magazines I like to "read" or rather look at the pictures. I can make out a bit of the language but I am far from fluent in it. It does make for an enjoyable afternoon though. xxoo

  7. These are such a beautiful collection of images Lisa. I also loved the Paris Vogue cover with Carla Bruni, she is utterly stunning. I hope your little ones get better soon! xx


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