Friday, 18 January 2013

charming spaces: bright + stylish

My today's charming space crush is an old and good one from Domino Magazine. This bedroom speaks to me; I love the style and how bright it is. Don't get me started on the window and the high ceiling. I probably would have placed that beautiful mirror elsewhere and put a piece of art on the opposite wall, but that's just me.

How are you doing? My wrist is better and our daughter is on the mend (thank you for all the kind well-wishes). Yesterday I made a chicken noodle soup for dinner with plenty of ginger and garlic, which gave everyone a little boost. Ahead is a relaxing weekend in this house with home-made goodies and warm drinks. We have snow and the weather has turned colder so I'm fine with staying warm indoors.

I'm signing off one day earlier and will be back on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
Annie Schlechter for Domino Magazine, March 2009 via Pinterest


  1. Those windows are doing it for me; I love how natural flight floods the room.

    Please both your wrist and your little one are doing better. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Those modern pieces of furniture are gorgeous with the rest of the light room. To wake up everyday near that window must be WONDERFUL.

    Have a nice weekend too.

  3. I could need a sunny and bright place right now. Here it's just snowing, snowing, snowing. Happy weekend, Lisa!

  4. The chair and bedside table are exquisite. I bright space like this one feels me with energy. Have a wonderful weekend too, Lisa! xo

  5. Yes, I love the light... I have notice that white is always a great color if you want to add light in a room. I love the details of the ceiling also, which seems to be lovely...
    I have only read that you and your daughter were not well. I hop you both have now recovered. Take care.


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