Tuesday, 29 January 2013

illustrator: sujean rim

My latest artist crush is illustrator Sujean Rim. She grew up in New York, watched Bugs Bunny and read Charles Schulz's Peanuts (I guess many of us did). She was always drawing and wanted to become an artist. In high school she became interested in fashion.

She graduated from Parsons School of Design with a degree in Fashion Design, and started her career as a footwear and accessories designer. However, she never stopped drawing. She kept a collection of her illustrations in a book, which she showed to every art director when she had the chance.

It was Barneys New York that first hired her in 1995 and since then she has worked with Tiffany & Co., Target, DailyCandy and others.

In 2007 a childhood dream came true when Little, Brown and Company contacted her and offered her a book deal. Two years later her first children's picture book was published, called Birdie's Big-Girl Shoes. It was followed by Birdie's Big-Girl Dress and Birdie Plays Dress-Up.

On her website, under peeps, peewees, pleasures and places, you can view more of her wonderful illustrations.

photo credit:
illustrator Sujean Rim
(published with permission)


  1. Thank you for the introduction, Lisa. The illustrations are lovely.

  2. These illustrations are lovely! I'm sure Grace Coddington would be very flattered by these portraits...Lisa, thanks for the introduction to this talented artist!

  3. Oh, love these Lisa...I haven't heard of her before, thank you for the introduction...I'm off to look at more of her work now ;-)
    They are absolutely wonderful.

  4. oh, love these. so whimsical :)

  5. She seems like an amazing artist! These are so interesting!


  6. Thanks for discovery, I love, love her work!

  7. Oh I wish I could frame a print of the girl riding the vespa - how whimsical and elegant. Beautiful discovery, Lisa. Thanks for sharing with us!


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