Wednesday, 2 January 2013

interior design: balanced and colourful madrid flat

I hope you all enjoyed wonderful holidays and are feeling energised at the start of another new year. My son asked me what would happen in 2013 and I told him that he would turn eight. He was quite satisfied with the answer.

I hope I don't offend anyone, but I think that the more content you are with your life, and the choices you have made, the less need there is to yell from rooftops that the new year is going to be amazing. The number of the year doesn't matter, there are always opportunities in life and it's up to us to grab them; to have the guts to grab them.

My new year philosophy is very simple, for some years I have been saying to myself come what may and that is exactly what I did at midnight on Monday when I stood outside with my children watching the fireworks.

Come what may!

That said, I think it's time to explain these photos.

These three spaces in a Madrid flat are my latest interior design crush. I have kept them on my desktop for some days now and I cannot get enough. I find the bright, colourful and arty living room so enticing, and I like how balanced it is. I think the black frames, lamps, and shelves help create that balance. The mix of furniture in there is right up my alley.

I am drawn to the simplicity of the other two spaces. Both look modern but the artwork has that grounding effect and adds charm. It was Porras & La Casta architects that designed the flat. To see the rest of it, follow the link under photo credit.

photo credit:
Nuevo Estilo


  1. Very - very tasteful!

    Like it very much!

    ♥ Franka

  2. Happy new year Lisa!
    Wish you a pretty, sweet, balanced and prosperous 2013 and you're quite right on that; one just has to accept what comes and make the most out of it! Cheers to that! xoxo

  3. Happy New Year Lisa-
    I found your blog just recently. I forget whose blogroll I was following when I found yours. In any case, I am looking forward to spending some time together in 2013!

  4. oh that is amazing. i love how airy and subtle it all is even with such a colorful palette. i agree with what you say about new years, i feel like everyday i try to change and evolve, everyday is a new day. i tried to stay up till midnight on nye but i ended up in bed at 11:45, i did give my babes a kiss at midnight though, for good luck.

  5. Happy New Year to you and your family Lisa! I like your philosophy of come what may cause you just have to be able to roll with whatever deals sometimes :-)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  6. love love love the desk. me want!

  7. Bonne année, Lisa! I am really pleased with the sight of this beautifully done interior. I particularly like the colour combination - it's vivid yet a tad mid-century. Oh and wood, wood always works for me in interiors.

  8. Happy New Year my Friend! So many different elements in this one... perhaps a tad too much for me... but I'll take the gilt mirrors on the wall, the artwork above the stairwell and that great desk / study nook - love it! And yes, just take it as it rolls- the year ahead I mean.
    (PS: great things have been accomplished in grey pyjama pants!:))

  9. Fresh, bright, new images for 2013!
    Your philosophy is very true; we all should be so accepting of "come what may"...
    Here's to a year of acceptance, fulfillment, and contentment!!

    Lisa ox

  10. Happy New Year Lisa! Your philosophy on come what may is very refreshing; being happy + content with where you are + trusting that you are in the right place right now is a great mindset to have. I do love how fresh and bright this home is and the shades of blue throughout are beautiful xx


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