Monday, 4 February 2013

brighter shade than pale 08

On Friday I didn't realise that we had entered the month of February. That means that spring is just around the corner, hence the pink shades and peonies. When I lived in Iceland February was just another cold winter month and there was no sign of spring. Here on the continent it is different, I like to think of it as the month where winter meets spring and I do hope spring arrives early this year. There is a cherry tree in our garden, right in front of the balcony, and a small one in front of the house, and I cannot wait for them to start blooming. I will be in my element when that happens.

Did you enjoy a good weekend? Mine was exactly as I wanted it. I visited the library on Saturday and grabbed with me sushi on the way back home. Yesterday in this house consisted of pancakes and hot chocolate, DVDs and books. Ideal weekend, if you ask me.

Have a beautiful day!

photo credit:
1: Kristin Halgedahl Photography / 2: Mathilde Bohn of The Wandering Girl via Dustjacket Attic / 3: Nacho Alegre for Marie Claire Spain, February 2013, via Fashion Gone Rogue | Olivia Palermo styled by Enrique Campos / 4: Suzanne Carey via Bona Fide Amor | art by Maurie Hartel / 5: Diary of the Coveteur (Ralph Lauren AW12-13 accessories)


  1. I am ready for spring and your beautiful post brings it a little closer. Have a wonderful start to the week, Lisa!

  2. I was wondering when I saw the first pic... is it peony time already? and you're right. it's close. have a most wonderful monday xxxo

  3. Such a beautiful selection of images Lisa! A cherry tree in your garden sounds wonderful, I hope you get to eat lots of cherries during Spring! I'm thinking of so many good cherry recipes now... xx

  4. You didn’t realise it was February? I have been patiently counting down the days! Still no sign of Spring here in London (and apparently we have more freezing weather to come) but our days are getting longer! I’m so jealous of your delicious sounding weekend.

  5. I can't wait for spring to arrive. Here it's very cold, it snowed again so I am a bit annoyed and need to get some fresh blooms for a spring atmosphere in my home at least. Great inspiration here as usual, Lisa!

  6. Books, sushi, hot chocolate ~ you really did have an ideal weekend! I escaped wedding planning - which seems as though it will occupy every weekend from now until June - and stayed with my friend for a girl's weekend with French movies (but of course!), a bit of therapeutic shopping, and lots of forbidden croissants and chocolate (hello wedding dress!).

    And boy, am I ready for spring, too. Although here in Chicago February is often the snowiest month. I don't begin to look for Spring until the end of March.

    Those images encapsulate so many things I love - bright colors, wrought iron staircases, croissants....making this dreary winter day much brighter :)

  7. Cherry blossom pink so beautiful lets hope you have early blooms Lisa xxCarla
    loved these images


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