Friday, 22 February 2013

charming spaces: artistic + modern in madrid

Today's charming space is in the heart of Madrid, the capital of Spain. The owners of the flat are French and they turned to interior designer Sabine Marchal, who in my opinion did a wonderful job in creating harmony. I like spaces with character and this flat has plenty. The sculpture is by Richard Hudson and the Chinese vase is from the nineteenth century. I'm drawn to the rug, which is from Rajasthan in India - I love its colours.

Got any plans for the weekend? Tonight it's of course the traditional Friday pizza in this house, enjoyed with red wine. Basically, I'm just looking forward to not having to set the alarm clock and having a relaxing Saturday morning with a cup - or two - of good coffee and magazine reading. A stack is already awaiting me. Yesterday I bought the March issue of Vanity Fair, a special collector's edition that looks like a good one, and the French design magazine Art & Décoration. I recently subscribed to the British version of Harper's Bazaar, as it isn't available anywhere in Luxembourg. My first copy arrived in the mail earlier this week and I have yet to read it. If the cold weather doesn't stop me I may go into the city to check out a nice café that I recently spotted, hidden in a small alleyway. So, relaxation is what I have in mind.

I'm leaving you with this live version of Lykke Li's song I Follow Rivers and wishing you a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Nuevo Estilo


  1. The rug is so beautiful! I hope I can get an issue of Vanity Fair. Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa! xo

  2. I love the rug, the art, the huge vase! Very inspiring! Happy weekend, Lisa!

  3. this space is lovely. i adore the old-world traditional and modern mix. i have a stack of magazines too. i just got the latest issue of elle decor and i have yet to enjoy its pages. have a great weekend!

  4. That rug is making my heart beat REALLY fast.

    Have a fab weekend, Lisa!

  5. Dear Lisa, it sounds like you have a wonderful w-e plan! For me, pizza night is Saturday, but I will spend these days trying to relax as much as possible...This apartment looks beautiful and what I like the most is the light and (what looks like) big spaces. Have a nice day, Caterina


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