Friday, 1 February 2013

charming spaces: cosy loggia

Today's charming space is the loggia of the Hollywood Hills home of interior designers Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, the couple behind the interior design firm Atelier AM. The photo is from their book Interiors Atelier AM that was published last autumn, a book that went straight to my wish list. I have seen many photos of their home and it is simply gorgeous; warm and natural. I love this space and can easily picture myself sitting there, enjoying delicious food and wine and having wonderful conversations with friends.

How are you all doing? I admit that I have enjoyed a better week. It turned out that our son also had bronchitis but he's on the mend. I'm so looking forward to next week. I already have a lunch date with a friend and I'm just dying to walk the streets of the city, browsing in bookshops, enjoying latte and maybe bringing home fresh flowers. Just doing anything that makes me feel my usual self. Tonight it's home-made pizza and red wine so it'll start there.

I'll be back on Monday. Thank you for the well-wishes and have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
François Halard, from the book Interiors Atelier AM by Alexandra and Michael Misczynski, published by Rizzoli, via Mark D. Sikes


  1. O yes really a hideaway on a very grey first of february!

    ♥ Franka

  2. This lovely loggia makes me realise how ready I am for spring. Enough with this cold and bare trees. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love this decorating couple! Looks to be a great book :)
    Sorry to hear of illness your way; glad everyone is feeling better. Hang in there; spring is on the way~

    Have a warm and cozy weekend,

  4. Hello Lisa,

    I like the warmth wood brings to an interior as well as the taste of "village" style in the picture.

    I was thinking about you last week, due to the result of the EFTA Court. I am so glad Iceland won!
    You must all be proud of your country!

    Hope son will feel better soon : )

    lots of love from Norway


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