Wednesday, 20 February 2013

k&a: pancakes

Anyone in the mood for pancakes? I am. Always. If you were expecting fashion on the blog today then let me just say that pancakes are classic and they never go out of style!

I just posted a pancake recipe on kitchen & aroma that I have been using for about six years. It is less oily than all other pancake recipes that I have tried and I love it.

Enjoy your day!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Delicious, dear Lisa... thank you. I'll try! Today!
    Even your pics are yummy.

    x Ariane.

  2. Can I come right now to Luxembourg?? I love pancakes:-)

  3. The pancakes look delicious, I love that they are made with spelt.
    Thank you for the recipe Lisa:)

  4. Did someone say pancakes! nom nom... we have to elbow each other out of the way to get prime position at the table when any sort of pancake is on our menu... :)x

  5. I love pancakes and i wanna try your recipe

  6. Wellcome back Lisa. These views of Luxembourg are beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend.


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