Saturday, 9 February 2013

luxembourg: pétrusse valley + adolphe bridge + winter break

I wanted to leave you with beautiful scenery of the city before signing off for a week. The children have a week-long break and we are pretty much thinking about doing absolutely nothing. In between doing nothing there will be a library visit and some baking. I am in the mood for trying a few recipes from my new cookbooks and I am also in the mood for getting organised for spring. I think it is time to reorganise the wardrobes and maybe pop up the home decor. Tomorrow we are invited to a waffle party at a friend's house and maybe next week friends from Antwerp will come for a short visit.

The area you see in the photos is the Pétrusse Valley in the heart of the city. The Adolphe Bridge, 110 years old, is one of the bridges crossing it. They will soon be building a temporary replacement bridge because the Adolphe Bridge needs renovation that should start in early 2014. Close to the bridge, on Boulevard Roosevelt, they have set up a small building, a visitor centre, where everyone can have a look at the plans and models of the project. I walked by it the other day and it looked pretty cool but I didn't have time to enter and take a look.

Have a wonderful weekend and week!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt
Luxembourg, February 2013


  1. Happy weekend, Lisa! I love how green Luxembourg is!

  2. Hi Lisa, Beautiful images! Enjoy your break, although it already sounds like you have a bit planned in addition to the "absolutely nothing". :)


  3. Vááá hvað þetta er fallegt ég tók alveg andköf þegar ég sá myndirnar, það væri nú gaman að Skoða þessa fegurð með eigin augum

  4. You write the best travel posts, Lisa. Beautiful area! Enjoy your break!

  5. I love the cities immerse in the green. The winter in Luxwmbourg looks so pretty.
    Enjoy your week, Lisa!

  6. What a pretty bridge! I imagine it must look even prettier in the summer when the surrounding trees are all lush and green. Hope you are having a lovely break!


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