Tuesday, 5 February 2013

luxembourg: place d'armes

Today I have to run errands in the city and then I have a lunch date with a friend. I was starting to get ready before catching the train early when it started raining quite heavily. Then there were thunders, and after that there was hail and now it's snowing! What is with the weather?!! I meant to grab my camera with me to share with you some beautiful places of the city but I will have to leave it home.

Instead you will get these three that I snapped in the city on Saturday when I went to the library. The library is in a small and narrow cobblestone street, Rue Genistre, that leads from the Place d'Armes square. See the red letters in the top-left photo? That's the library building with the library on the ground floor (the large windows) and a sushi place above it. In the top-right photo I'm standing outside the library looking at the square.

À bientôt!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Enjoy your day in the city and the lunch date!

  2. What a beautiful city you live in! Enjoy your lunch date xx


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