Monday, 25 February 2013

ode to spring + summer

"In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer." Really, Albert Camus? I'm trying; I'm just not feeling it. It has been snowing for three days in my part of the world and I have had enough. Enough! I don't want to put on warm socks and sweaters any more; I don't want to put on winter boots each time I go out to get the mail.

Winter, you and me are so over! O.v.e.r.

This post is some kind of an ode to spring and summer. I went through my magazines to find spring and summer issues showing the mood in Provence and Normandy, or anywhere in the south or north of France, and in Umbria and Tuscany in Italy. Every time I leaf through the pages I start dreaming of al fresco lunches with a glass of rosé, putting on sandals again, feeling the sun on my face, bicycling, and visiting flower markets.

Spring, seriously, where are you?!!

photo credit:
1 + 4: Lisa Hjalt (from the February/March issue of Art & Décoration) / 2: from the book Provence Style edited by Angelika Taschen / 3: from the book French Country Living by Caroline Clifton-Mogg | both photos via Aged and Gilded / 5: Kristian Septimius Krogh for Bo Bedre via Pinterest


  1. Beautiful inspiration! I´m so dead tired of this winter, really I am...

  2. As for my part of the world, it's been annoyingly raining for 4 days! Where is spring? Thank you for the wanderlust.

  3. Indeed....where is it????
    Beautiful selection of images...I've been transported to glorious sunny days whilst sitting in my study with the fire roaring ;-)
    Have a good week, Lisa.

  4. Such lovely images!
    Spring is on the way; I promise~ Soon you will be on your terrace sipping a favorite wine and dreaming of beautiful Paris!!


  5. Ah seriously so excited for spring. Love the photos.

  6. Brrr that sounds freeeezing! I won't tell you about the 30+ degree days we've been having all week and how your hair starts to frizz even as you go out to that mail from the letterbox and how there is enough vitamin D from the sun in my system to last all winter I think! I even might be getting a little tired of wearing flip flops all day with skinny jeans and a tank top? I long for some layers... :) Umbria is a bad idea either! :)x


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