Wednesday, 13 March 2013

a letter to spring 2013

Luxembourg, 13. March 2013

Dear Spring of 2013

You and I need to have a little conversation because it seems you are dealing with some kind of crisis. I believe the right term is identity crisis. It's no fun, I know, but it can be cured. Just take a good look at yourself in the mirror and you will realise that this is not the real you. It really is that simple.

Remember last week when we were sitting on the balcony enjoying our lattes in the sun and the thermometer read +15°C (59°F). That was fun, wasn't it? Let's go back to that. I know your official arrival is not until 20. March but everyone has to prepare. This is not preparing; this is called going backwards.

Maybe it would help if you took out your photo album and found the pictures of the cherry trees and magnolias in full bloom. When you view those you will know what to do.

In case you are just mocking me or telling a joke, let me just be honest here and say that no one is laughing. No one. This is a lame act and it doesn't suit your character.

Yours faithfully,
Lisa Hjalt

PS. See the little bird in my cherry tree in the top photo? I think you are confusing him.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt
- Luxembourg 13. March 2013


  1. LOL! I think I may need to write a similar letter ;-)
    It snowed in NYC last Friday and then the next day it was in the 50's. The weather has been totally schizophrenic this year.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. How do you do that? Lisa, you always inspire me with a beautiful post. Spring is still struggling to stay here for good and I'm thinking it won't be long until it reaches you too.

  3. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for your lovely message, It is nice to know you miss me so much.
    I am spending my time in Australia, it is so lovely down here I just could not bring myself to pack my bags and leave this year.
    Maybe I will return in time for Easter and allow Autumn to visit Sydney. I know there is someone there longing for cooler days!
    Yours warmly,
    Spring 2013

  4. Indeed... a sincere letter is what Spring needs! While were at I'll write one to sweaty hot Summer and say it's maybe overstayed it's visit and that perhaps Autumn is ready to make an appearance... although today I awoke to a wet garden after no rain in 3 weeks and just unrelenting heat and humidity (how much frizz can you manage?!! Good luck with Spring receiving your letter on time! :)x

    1. You cracked me up with the frizz comment ;-)

    2. Seriously... I'm not kidding ya! :)

  5. A wonderful letter to spring, and one that I need to write also! :-)

  6. Nobody can be as confusing as Spring!

    enjoyed reading your letter Lisa. Hope Spring gets a grip soon ;)

  7. lovely letter hehe and beautiful photos :)


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