Monday, 11 March 2013

danish design + coffee photography on a cold day

This week the arrival of spring is taking a slight setback with a drop in temperature - right now it is only -2°C (28°F), brrr. Hearing the distant noise of gardeners cutting branches in a neighbour's garden almost feels surreal. Here I am wrapped in my wool pashmina, holding my coffee cup in both hands to feel its warmth, while someone is out there gardening. I am staying indoors today and serving a warm and hearty meal when the children come home during their lunch break.

Today's photos come from two sources, the Danish design firm Holmegaard, which has been producing glassware since 1825, and photographer Marte Marie Forsberg. The Karen Blixen vase in the top photo is an Anja Kjær design, "inspired by the golden ring shaped necklaces worn by native African women and ... warm images from Karen Blixen’s Africa". The Minima glassware in the bottom photo is a Cecilie Manz design. Forsberg recently travelled to my home country Iceland and took that second photo at the Kaffismiðja coffee house in the city centre of Reykjavik.

photo credit:
1 + 4: Holmegaard / 2 + 3:  Marte Marie Forsberg of Le voyage créatif


  1. Nice photos today, and just caught up on yesterday's post...yummy! No wonder your family loves your homemade pizzas!! Colder here today also; spring is teasing us~

    Have a great week,


  2. We had rain in the morning and now it's glorious sunshine. Spring is here. :) What a beautiful vase in the top photo! I like the story behind it too.

  3. I can't even imagine -2degrees! But I do feel ready for some cooler weather here- it's too much sun and heat (37 today)!!again!! aarrgh...
    The vase in the first image is gorgeous :) Stay warmx


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