Monday, 18 March 2013

danish design: decorating outdoors with holmegaard

I was not quite done with the Danish design firm Holmegaard, which I talked about last Monday. With the arrival of spring I have been thinking about outdoor decorations and some items have found their way to my wish list. Maybe someone thinks Holmegaard glassware is too expensive to decorate balconies or patios, but why should we hide these precious items indoors during the summer? Why not bring them outdoors where we spend most of the summer and continue enjoying them there?

How gorgeous are the Cocoon tealight holders in the top photo? They look so pretty outdoors. And how I want the white Design with Light glass lanterns in the bottom photo in every size!

Alken & Bengtsson is the duo behind the Celebrate ornaments. These are actually Christmas glass decorations but can be used all year round. I think they are a lovely addition to the spring/summer table.

Maria Berntsen designed the Design with Light glass lanterns. This spring Holmegaard is offering them even bigger, or 45 cm tall. The new lantern has the same beautiful leather strap, which ages very well. I find the clear lanterns very beautiful but the white ones have my heart.

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  1. Can I have all the decorations here? The cocoon light holders and the lanterns are so simple and beautiful. I'm already dreaming of al fresco dining at my parents' house.


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