Thursday, 14 March 2013

minimal easter decorations + table setting

When it comes to Easter decorations I am someone who goes for the minimal approach. I don't decorate the house but I like adding some Easter touches to my table, such as yellow napkins, a white orchid or tulips. This year I was hoping my cherry trees would provide me with branches but that depends on spring arriving before Easter! (Maybe my yesterday's letter to spring works.)

Above are two table setting ideas from Schöner Wohnen that I like and below are some colour and decor details.

photo credit:
1-4: Jonas von der Hude for Schöner Wohnen / 5: Bloomingville via Schöner Wohnen / 6: Bo Bedre


  1. Love everything in the last two photos.

  2. Love it!
    But most of all I love that wall in the background *swoon*


  3. These are cute! I love those paper egg decorations on the branch- easy enough right? And the place settings with the rabbit print are too cute... I like the fact that I can celebrate 2 easters - one modern and fun in a couple of weeks time and a traditional and colourful one in early May! (rest assured chocolate egg consumption will only be restricted to the first easter!)...:)

  4. oooh, I really like this. I am much like yourself. Don't do a lot for Easter, but I do like to add a few details. Usual only means I add a few pastel details, and eat more chocolate than usual ;)


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