Friday, 19 April 2013

charming spaces: a balanced dining room in barcelona

Where do I begin to describe this dining room? And does it really need a description? When I first saw it I just stared at it, taking in that natural light and the room's perfect balance of modern and vintage pieces. Okay, I will admit it, the books and flowers helped luring me in. The table is from Habitat and these are Saarinen tulip chairs mixed with simple white ones. It is a waste of time describing it further; this room speaks for itself.

Another week has flown by but this one was different; it brought us gorgeous and warm sunny days. This Friday couldn't have started better; the postman arrived early with a new book for me. Remember when I told you about my decision to give myself a book on the Icelandic first day of summer? When I was about to order the one I intended to get I changed my mind and got another one. I will share it later.

Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
Nuevo Estilo


  1. Oh I loved this one too and saved it ... so beautiful!

  2. a stunning place indeed. happy weekend xxx

  3. Oh, the light, the flowers and the books! It's lovely!

  4. Gorgeous adore the doors with the green diamonds such beautiful light!
    Carla x

  5. Gorgeous room, Lisa! It just makes one feel happy.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  6. How absolutely gorgeous! Love it and it's imperfectness:) I'm moving in tomorrow!


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