Thursday 11 April 2013

merci in paris launches an online shop

Maybe you remember the above photo; it was one of many that I took in the Merci concept store in Paris and shared on the blog after my trip. (I love that store!) This morning I opened Bloglovin', trying to tackle some of the unread posts piled up there, when I saw a photo that looked familiar. I opened the post to find out that Sarah of Haute Design had shared the news that Merci has launched an online shop.

I was beaming.

Just recently over the morning coffee I was saying to A that I would have to go back to Merci for some more kitchenware (I only bought a few pieces in October as I didn't want to carry anything heavy while roaming the streets of Paris and taking photos). Of course it's nice to jump on a train and head to Paris to visit the store but when you have a family that isn't always an option. Now their gorgeous items are just one click away!

photo credit:
1: Lisa Hjalt / 2-8: via Merci


  1. I wonder if they deliver to the UK and if they are, I am going to be in trouble. :D
    Thank you for sharing the news, Lisa!

    1. you are in deep trouble ... they do deliver to the UK ;-)

  2. So exciting, thanks for sharing Lisa! Visiting Merci has been on my travel wishlist for a long time, perhaps this will do in the meanwhile!x


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