Thursday, 16 May 2013

a refined rustic farmhouse style in Arizona

A few weeks back in a Charming Spaces post I shared a room in a rustic house in Arizona. That post led me to this house in Scottsdale, Arizona, which also has that rustic element but looks more refined. The interior designer was David Michael Miller and the house is an OZ Architects design.

The kitchen is right up my alley - open shelves, subway tiles, exposed beams and fireplace. I cannot get enough of it! The idea was to create the atmosphere of a rural French farmhouse and I think they succeeded best in the kitchen.

What I especially like about this home is how inviting and homey it feels, to me it seems you can pick a room that suits your mood the minute you enter. Then there is of course the charming surroundings and the pool.

photo credit:
1-6 + 8-9: Werner Segarra for David Michael Miller Associates / 7 + 10-15: OZ Architects


  1. I love the architecture and the interior decoration is beautiful too. I imagine some fine cooking and fun moments in that kitchen.

  2. Really charming places to relax from daily stress!

    ♥ Franka


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