Monday, 13 May 2013

brighter shade than pale 12

If I make it through this day with my eyes open I will have accomplished something. It is a rather cold spring day and I'm sleep deprived - the rain is not helping! I have myself to blame because last night I had maybe half a cup of coffee with a few drops of Cointreau. A and I decided to enjoy a quality moment after dinner when the kids had gone up. As of late I'm calling it moments where you actually get to finish a sentence. I don't know what is in the air but lately the children have been extra talkative. Of course it's wonderful listening to them talk about all kinds of exciting things, not to mention the moments of uncontrollable laughter. But sometimes it feels as if my brain simply cannot handle one more sentence; it feels like I'm dealing with a sentence overload and there isn't a room for one more.

I hope your week is starting better than mine. Why did I drink that half a cup of coffee? WHY?!!

photo credit:
1: Honning og Flora via Pinterest / 2: Kristin Vining Photography via Style Me Pretty Gallery / 3-4: Amy Merrick


  1. Hope you are able to catch up on sleep! Nothing worse than being sleep deprived!! xo

  2. beautiful pictures. I hope you get some rest soon. xxx

  3. Oh ouch, I can't even drink a cup of coffee after lunch, let alone right before bed. Here's hoping you have a calm and restful week!

  4. From one sleepy person to another... I hope the moment will come when there will be nothing else in the world but a lovely soft and comfy pillow... I am missing on my zzzzz, too. Feeling a bit like a zombie right now.

  5. Lisa, how many lattes have you had today? I remind you that it's getting late and you shouldn't drink coffee at this hour. :) I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight.


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