Monday, 6 May 2013

François Houtin's Studio

It was this pin that triggered this post. When I saw that photo from the studio of François Houtin, the French artist and engraver, I was intrigued and wanted to see more. These images, and the one I pinned, were taken back in 2010 when Houtin was collaborating with Hermès - not for the first time. Back in 1975 he designed his first shop window for them and has done more windows with nature as the theme, and in 2008 his design was used to create the 'Fantaisie Pittoresque' scarves. This time he was working for La Table Hermès on a tableware collection called Les Maisons Enchantées when he got a visit from the Australian magazine Vogue Living.

If you want to read more about Houtin and this collaboration then follow the link under photo credit. I just wanted to share the inspirational images from his studio, the sketches and tools.

with Yves Taralon (left), the creative director of La Table Hermès

On Saturday I headed into the city, where I discovered a new street that I will share with you this week. There was a Fair in the city and there were people everywhere and the mood was jolly. Yesterday my son and I went for a walk with the camera to capture the gorgeous spring blossoms in our area. Everything is looking so pretty these days; I'm in love with this spring, even though it arrived a little late. I hope you had a wonderful weekend - Easter weekend for some of you - and that your week is starting off well.

photo credit:
Jean Marie del Moral for Vogue Living, Nov/Dec 2010 via Paris-Lifestyle by Aéroports de Paris


  1. Wow. Look at those sketches. I love seeing "behind the scenes" in workshops like this!

  2. Fascinating! It so happens that I found inspiration in an Hermès campaign for today to keep with the relaxed and picturesque atmosphere of the last days. :)


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