Friday, 7 June 2013

bon week-end

This summer could not have started better in Luxembourg. The weather is fantastic and today when they had predicted rain the sun decided to prove them wrong. I'm thinking a little gardening later today and then relaxation until the pizza making starts in the evening.

Tomorrow I'm meeting a friend in the city to try out a place called Konrad in Rue du Nord, a street that I have already shared with you. It looks like it will rain heavily but who cares about the rain when chatting with a friend over coffee and lunch? I have to add here that this friend of mine is someone I sat next to on the train back from Paris in October and we hit it off instantly. When she told me she was from Corsica - my dream destination for quite some time - I knew that I had made a friend for life. She even drew a map of the island on a piece of paper to tell me exactly where to go. That map is going with me when I get the chance to visit!

This beautiful illustration by Emma Block seemed ideal to wish you a wonderful weekend. Bon week-end!

photo credit:
Emma Block Illustration on Etsy


  1. Beautiful illustration, Lisa! Have a great weekend with your friend :*

  2. A wonderful weekend to you too, Lisa! Have fun tomorrow!

  3. Such a pretty illustration...we too have had wonderful sunny weather here in London...not sure how long it will last :-)
    Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Happy weekend, dear Lisa! Lovely illustration. We've had sunshine here but rain returns next week, or so they say! xoxo

  5. Happy summery weekend, Lisa!!! Hugs from Munich!


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