Friday, 21 June 2013

bon week-end

Despite the rain coming down in buckets yesterday, it was a good day. The postman delivered two packages, a book and organic skincare products. Let's start with the book. I had been looking for a certain handbook about plants that I had seen a preview of in an old blog post written by Kit Lee of Style Slicker for Benetton (UK). There was something about the book that looked so appealing but I just couldn't find it. After looking inside endless books on Amazon I gave up and sent an email to Kit. She replied with good advice and links.

The book in question was an old edition of Wild Flowers of Britain and Northwest Europe by Christopher Grey-Wilson, which now has been updated and reprinted, and she told me that she preferred the old edition. I got a used copy on Amazon for only £0.01 and it looks like a new one. I doubt the former owner has ever read the book. The organic skin care products I got for me and the kids are from Green People and I have a good feeling about those. Let me try them for a few weeks before telling you what I think.

This week has flown by and I'm looking forward to the weekend. The National Day of Luxembourg is on Sunday and I'm thinking about making my quinoa pudding again (I will share the recipe next week). Tonight it's of course pizza and red.

Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Summer!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. I have the feeling you are going to enjoy that book. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the Green People products. Bon week-end, Lisa!

  2. Receiving new books is the best! i am currently waiting on a book that is all about making your creative dreams come true; can't wait!



  3. sounds like a good weekend. have fun xxx


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