Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Garden design: romantic colours in The Hamptons

Today I intended to share photos I took on Saturday at Konrad, a café in the city, but I was pretty high on chocolate last night when I saw this romantic English-style garden in The Hamptons over at Traditional Home. I was hooked. I also blame the gorgeous Double Delight roses below; they completely mesmerised me.

The garden is a collaboration of the house owner Jane Goldman, a passionate gardener who knows exactly what she wants, and garden designers Jane E. Lappin and Arlene Gould. The garden has plenty of roses in various colours and Zelkova trees, which are Goldman's favourite. You can see one in the photo above, which also shows the guest cottage.

To describe her own garden Goldman uses the words "serene, structured, and orderly" and when asked how she entertains outdoors she replies that the garden is the entertainment. Good answer!

She loves white and purples and pinks, or what garden designer Lappin calls "vibrant, cool pinks and the pinkest blues." They are all in the below photo, forming a gorgeous colour palette.

The pink flower above is a Dahlia Park Princess and below is a close-up of the beautiful arbour with old-fashioned roses, called New Dawn Climbing Rose.

This garden surely is entertaining!

Personally, I'm not particularly drawn to these big urns (there are more in the garden) but the flowers in and surrounding them, a blend of roses, geraniums, bacopa, and ivy, are simply stunning. Goldman visited great gardens in England, France and Italy to get ideas for her own garden and I guess the urns suggest Southern European influences.

I left out a few photos from the article but I had to end this post with a photo showing lavender surrounding a sundial inside structured hedges.

photo credit:
Tria Giovan for Traditional Home


  1. Lisa, your recent posts about gardens are beautiful!

    1. thank you María, I hope it shows how much I'm enjoying creating them

  2. I do not have a garden, unfortunately, but I can understand your love, I bet your garden in Luxembourg looks great! Now I just need a friend in the Hamptons to invite me to spend the summer there, right?

  3. That garden is surely entertaining. And that colour palette, it's stunning! The old-fashioned roses are my favourites here, so delicate.
    PS: Yes, it shows how much you enjoy creating these posts (and all your blog posts as a matter of fact) ;)

  4. Wow, pretty is an understatement!



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