Monday, 17 June 2013

the National Day of Iceland

Today Icelanders celebrate 69 years of independence, gained on this day back in 1944 (it became a sovereign state in 1918). It so happens that my husband and I got married on this day in 1998 so we are celebrating our 15th Anniversary - its symbol is crystal. Here in Luxembourg it's just another weekday with work and school but I'm pretty sure I will make a cake or something later today. Or maybe just ice cream and lemonade as we are expecting 30 degrees (86°F).

Yesterday we were laughing because our oldest daughter asked if there had ever been 30 degrees in Iceland. I looked up the Icelandic weather records and said that there had been 30°C on some day back in 1997. There was silence. Then our daughter said in wonder: 'That's 16 years ago! I wasn't even born!' And we just burst out laughing. I looked at the record again and told them that before that it was back in 1991 ... more laughter ... and before that back in 1946. At that point our laughter had become uncontrollable and the tears were rolling down our faces. Maybe you have to be an Icelander or know Icelanders very well to understand the humour.

In his introduction in Daniel Bergmann's Iceland Landscapes, photographer David Ward writes:
Iceland is a country I love. But even after numerous visits over the last decade, it is one that (it pains me to admit) I hardly know. In fact, I doubt if one can truly know this land without spending a lifetime immersed in it. (p. 13)
I think he's spot on.

Daniel Bergmann writes in his reflections:
Iceland holds endless discoveries for photographers. I spend months every year traveling its wilderness and still have much to see and experience. Iceland is a place of contrasts and extremes that I sense are reflected in the psyche of those of us who were born here and have lived here. We are part of the landscape and it is part of us. (p. 126).
Also spot on.

To all the Icelanders out there I say: Gleðilegan 17. júní! I wish the rest of you a wonderful day, and if you feel like visiting my home country then start looking at Visit Iceland.

photo credit:
Daniel Bergmann nature photographer, from his website and Facebook page. The last photo, of the puffin at Látrabjarg cliff, appears in his book Iceland Landscapes.
- published with permission


  1. Happy National Day of Iceland, Lisa! These photos are breathtaking and I am sure they don't even do justice to the beauty of Iceland's nature.

  2. PS: And Happy 15th Anniversary! I have my head in the clouds today (and not only). :)

  3. Happy National Day of Iceland and Happy 15th Anniversary to you and your husband Lisa! I'm completely in awe of how stunning Iceland looks in this photos.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  4. Happy Anniversary Lisa! Hope you guys enjoyed your special day. Iceland really does look like a breathtaking and magical place, would love to visit one day.

  5. a bit late but: Happy 15th Anniversary!
    and those photographs are marvelous.


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