Wednesday, 3 July 2013

brighter shade than pale 13

The above images reflect my rainy mood. It is funny how one's mood can take a 360° turn depending on the weather. Yesterday it was sunny and I was in the garden with hedge shears, probably looking like a madwoman to those passing by. Today it's raining and my tempo is much slower. If it weren't for the coffee and home-made confectionery I doubt the blood in my veins would be running at all. Even the Persians are lying on the living room floor seeming to have reached a new level of laziness.

I like today's rain. While creating this post I have a certain song on replay, the perfect song to listen to when it rains. Have you seen the French film Les petits mouchoirs (2010), Little White Lies in English? One of my favourite scenes is when Franck [Yodelice / Maxim Nucci] performs his beautiful song Talk to Me. That's the song I'm talking about and the scene is too beautiful not to include it.

photo credit:
1: R. Brad Knipstein Photography via Ana Rosa / 2: Kathryn Gordon (Dordogne, France) / 3: Amy Merrick / 4: Iva Yaneva / 5: Ben Salter (Rue de Périgueux, Dordogne, France) via Encore! Life


  1. My mood often depends on the weather. Maybe it has a little to do with the fact that I am born in the middle of the summer and on a sunny day I truly am like a fish in the water. :) That side street is like a promise of adventure. I've seen Little White Lies and loved it. The French still know good film-making.

  2. Wonderful mood board and yes, representing my mood today too. Same here, yesterday was sunny and hot, today it's grey with drizzle and a fresh breeze. What a volatile summer. But any weather has its charms, right?

  3. It is the same weather here today, too. In Paris it was raining and gloomy too - it felt almost melancholy, but a romantic melancholy if that makes sense. I am like your cats - there is not hope for me being productive when it is dark and rainy outside. I give in to the laziness and cuddle up in bed with a book and a mug of tea!


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