Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Space: Annette + Oscar de la Renta's home in Punta Cana

During my blog break I realised that I missed my Charming Spaces series this summer so I wanted to revive it sooner than intended, and also, for the sake of simplicity, change the name to SPACE. Not posting at least one interior photo per week just felt wrong somehow. This one belongs to Oscar de la Renta and his wife Annette's beautiful home in Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic. It appeared in the book Vogue Living: Houses, Gardens, People by Hamish Bowles.

The photo is a scan from a spread in Vogue US (Nov. or Dec. 2008, I think) and there is a small part missing to the left, between the mirror and the bookcase, which slightly distorts the symmetry of the room. I couldn't find another large enough. There is so much in this room that catches my attention: the books and lamps, details like the black garden seat and wooden stool, the floors and the perfect balance of the room. The fact that the rug is torn only makes the room feel more personal and shows that this house has been lived in. I love it that someone like fashion designer Oscar de la Renta doesn't bother about such an insignificant detail as a torn rug. Not seen in the photo are white French doors that lead out to the veranda (seen here).

I am also drawn to the round table in the middle - not the style but the idea of such a table - decorated with personal home accessories and books. There is just something very appealing to a table like that. If you have enough room for a round table somewhere in your home then go for it, and don't forget the books!

It was architect Ernesto Buch that designed the house and for those of you who want to explore it further, please take a look at the links under photo credit.

It feels good to be back to blogging but it was nice spending time in the sun and reading my new books. I even got another one last week, which I will tell you about later. Have a wonderful day!

photo credit:
François Halard for Vogue Living via Cote de Texas


  1. I'm pleased you had a great blogging break, Lisa! I loved this series as well so I'm pleased to see it back. While this space is a touch too neutral for my tastes, I do like how much texture has been packed into the scheme. I like that you picked out the torn rug as that caught my eye, too.

    1. I will call Oscar and ask him to add some stripes! ;-)

  2. Lisa, this room is so beautiful! Normally I'm not a beige lover, but that brown skin (or is it a native blanket/textile) on the couch appealed to me, and I like how it's mixed with the darker furniture and natural fiber accents. I agree about that round table. I used one as a library table last year and it was such a pleasure to have a place to put some of my large books - and led to actually reading them more often.

    I like the way you've fixed up your blog too!

    xo Mary Jo

  3. Hi Lisa! Hope you are doing well. I've missed stopping by. I took a rather longer than expected break from blogging. Life got in the way unfortunately but I hope to get back soon. In any case, I just wanted to say hello. Looking forward to looking back to see what I've missed. Hope you're having a lovely summer :) xoxo

  4. Welcome back, Lisa! The black garden seat and wooden stool (what an interesting shape!) caught my attention too. And there are the bookcases too and the entire ambience in the room, because, yes, it looks lived in, and this is what I want to see. The round table is fabulous! It's not my style either, but I just love how it looks in there, with all the books piled on. I can imagine a very vivid atmosphere in this room.

  5. This space is truly stunning! Wouldn't mind hanging out here myself!!


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