Monday, 1 July 2013

Summer living | Vive l'été

First I would like to say Happy Canada Day to my Canadian readers out there!

The month of July could not have started more properly; we are enjoying a beautiful, sunny weather. Later today you will find me gardening and admiring the lavender and gorgeous pink roses that have added colour to our garden. To me this is the beauty of having one, just stepping outside to enjoy the scent of summer blossoms.

Later today, when the children come home from school, I was thinking about a picnic in the garden, a leisure moment with lemonade, sandwiches and books, of course. If I'm tempting you and you don't have a garden then simply bring a picnic basket to the nearest park!

I wish I could tell you that I have found the ideal silk headscarf for the summer - within my price range - but I haven't. Until then I will enjoy my hats and continue dreaming about these gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana ones.

So often I hear people asking the question: Where are you going this summer? Who says that you have to go anywhere? There is nothing wrong with stay-cationing. Don't let people with the world on their agenda this summer pressure you or bring you down, pack a bag for a day and enjoy a spot in your local area.

Whatever you do this summer, make it one to remember!

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  1. Hi Lisa, Well, I am delighted to hear that you are enjoying lovely weather! I have indeed been out in the garden most of the last few days. The roses and catmint are blooming and the air is filled with lovely fragrances. Although we are at the moment experiencing a mini heat wave, so I have also been watering and tending to some wilted potted plants.

    As for staying local for the summer, we have taken some terrific short trips recently to locations a few hours away. They are just as exotic as some of our long-distance trips. That said, D is currently in Belgium and doing day trips from there. :)

    Wishing you and the family a summer-scented, relaxed week.


  2. We've had a little sunshine today after all. :) I like that you mentioned about the stay-cation. I've heard that question too many times this summer. But the thing is that I enjoy day trips just as much as a long-distance trip far away from home, and, usually, the spontaneous trips are simply the best. Why not make the best of what you have?

    As for a silk scarf for summer, I have one that I love wearing. It's from Roeckl, I think you've heard me mention it a few times, and sometimes I use it to tie my hair into a ponytail. It's one of my favourite accessories.

  3. It's crazy, I have been doing all the same things, especially the stay-cation (and looking for a good scarf to wear too, although I probably have one somewhere that could work). Your picnic with your kids sounds wonderful, hope you have many more this summer!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Aaah, summer ... sound so far away for me (so I feel slightly envious!) but today we enjoyed a 19degree day full of sunshine - imagine in the middle of winter! A staycation is always fun, because the city has emptied with the people going on real vacation away somewhere so its the perfect time to explore! (well that works for me anyway! :)) Enjoy your lovely weather over there.. Helen:) PS: I can you are revelling in your new garden these past few months and are enjoying a 'garden renaissance'!


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