Friday, 16 August 2013

bon week-end

This summer I have used Mondays to post my Summer living | Vive l'été series and I really have enjoyed pulling all kinds of photos together that to me reflect the ideal summer mood. In my post last Monday I was talking about last chances to enjoy certain things this season and I allowed myself to add a few autumnal fashion items. There was a hint of red colour in the post and as I wanted to include a leather tote from designer Mary Jo Matsumoto, who happens to be a friend I met through blogging, I went for a blue one. I remember thinking to myself, I wish Mary Jo had a red bag collection! Guess what I discovered when I woke up this morning? I found out that she just launched a brand new autumn collection in red called Scandalous Lover!

In the introduction to the collection it says: "We waited to introduce this line until we found the perfect shade of red leather." And did they! I have fallen flat for the red shopper and the mini-crossbody bag that you see in the photo above. The good news for tote lovers is that the soft leather tote is available in red by request. My wish list just got longer!

As I couldn't start the week with a red Mary Jo bag, I had to grab the opportunity to sign off with one. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

photo credit:
Mary Jo Matsumoto


  1. Mary Jo's new Scandalous Lover (I love that name! I'm wearing the Scandalous Lover nail polish now) handbag collection was the first thing I clicked on this morning. The shopper, the mini-crossbody bag and the tartan wallet (so autumnal) are all beautiful! This line gets me very excited about the arrival of fall.
    Bon week-end, Lisa!

  2. Lisa, I am shocked {in a good way!} to click over and see my bags. Thank you so much for the sweet post, it makes me happy that I waited for this red, as I've been wanting to do a red bag for a couple of years now but never found the right shade until now :) So happy you like them. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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