Friday, 23 August 2013

Bon week-end

Yesterday I realised that we are sailing into autumn faster than I thought. It hit me all of a sudden as I was walking in the city with my son and passed by the Sonia Rykiel store. I was reminded of their fun - and wonderfully French - autumn campaign that celebrates the work of graphic designers Bernard Villemot and Raymond Savignac. And it hit me again in the evening as I was browsing through my first September issue (what a dose of gorgeous autumn fashion!). Maybe, after all, I'm still an autumn girl at heart. I have to say that this summer has been amazing and if the weather continues like that then we are in for a wonderful Indian summer treat.

I started this week with a pink house on the Italian island of Burano and I'm signing off with a yellow one in Rovereto, close to the northern end of Lake Garda. It is yet another pizza day in this house - we love Fridays! - and we are all a bit excited as we are planning a road trip. I'm expecting quite lively discussions by the table this evening.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
francesco/Flickr via Travelingcolors


  1. happy weekend to you, too xxx

  2. Ah pizza, wishing there was some left-over pizza this morning for some reason. I hope you had a wonderful weekend, sounds like the weather is lovely. Now to scroll down and see about that pink house!

    xo Mary Jo


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