Friday, 9 August 2013

bon week-end

I started this week with beautiful stationery and thought to myself, why not end it with some as well. I have such a soft spot for paper goods and one of my favourite websites is Kate's Paperie in New York, where I can get lost in viewing their wonderful collection of stationery sets, handmade decorative paper and journals.

I have a crush on their dapper Gentleman's Writing Set, which comes in a hand-painted keepsake wooden box. The set contains 10 letterpressed sheets of writing paper, 10 plain sheets, 5 letterpressed correspondence cards, and 15 matching envelopes. The same goes for the Bicycles and Rise Above It sets.

This photo on their Facebook page tells me that I could spend hours in their stores.

Another soft spot of mine is Van Gogh's flower paintings. Yesterday I was in the city and one of my stops was the National Library, the reading room where they keep the art books. I didn't have much time but just browsing through a few books was enough to fill me with inspiration. Wouldn't it be wonderful to send a Van Gogh flower to a friend? This stationery set includes 6 of his most beloved portraits of flowers from The Metropolitan Museum of Art. There are 24 folded note cards in the set, 4 of each flower, and white envelopes.

They also have a Georgia O'Keeffe set and this Sunflowers set that includes a Van Gogh painting as well, one by Claude Monet, an 18th-century German botanical, and a Victorian ceramic plate.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
Kate's Paperie, New York City | 1 + 5: Gentleman's Writing Set, 2: white/blue paper via Style Court, 3: Lama Li paper, 4: Rise Above It, 6: Bicycles, 7-8: Van Gogh Flowers


  1. It's always a good time for sharing lovely stationery. The Gentleman's Writing Set is so beautiful and elegant! Bon week-end, Lisa!

  2. nice, I'm actually looking for some nice stationary right now...

    bon week-end to you, too xxx


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