Tuesday, 6 August 2013

from our atelier: the Scandinavia table

It is time to reveal another item from our atelier, something that we are very excited about. The table in our first garden furniture collection is ready. The line is called Scandinavia and will consist of a table, stools, a bench, and a console table, all items available in different types of wood. Yesterday we brought the table into the garden and photographed it in the sun. The table you see in the photos is a pine table coated with white furniture oil. It is light, yet very sturdy, as A used the mortise and tenon joint technique to fasten the legs (no bolts used). I know that I'm biased but I am quite pleased with the outcome - the craftsmanship is beautiful.

When A designed the table he was thinking about summers in e.g. the Stockholm archipelago area. Are you picturing red Scandinavian summer houses with white windows? That is what we were doing yesterday when we dined by the table for the first time.

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt


  1. Lisa, the table itself is beautiful, and so is the styling. My congratulations to both the designer and the stylist! I picture happy times filled with laughter by this table. :)

  2. Beautiful Lisa. Can I please swap my office desk with your Scandi table??? Like NOW?

    1. Your office desk better look good!

  3. Beautiful table and styling, Lisa! Lots of great memories for a family to make around that table! xxoo

  4. Very nice table!

    Good luck with the collection!

    ♥ Franka

  5. What a gorgeous table, Lisa (oh, and great books on it, too!) x

  6. A stunning piece of craftsmanship, beautiful work, I love the colour too.
    I am sure you will have many happy times around this table:)
    Wendy x

  7. So beautiful table, Lisa. Please, let us see the rest of the furniture. Have a nice weekend

  8. That first image belongs in a homewares catalogue! A lovely piece of furniture in a equally lovely setting - I'm sure it'll be the setting of joyous family occasions! :)


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