Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Garden design: pink and purple shades in Derbyshire

The inspiration for all my garden designs is this search for harmony between house and garden. My passion is creating a sense of place. A sense of place is the soul of the garden. It is the intangible and harmonious atmosphere that stems from the perfect balance between the house, garden, landscape, plants and the dreams of the owners.
Arne Maynard (PDF, p. 70)

This garden in Derbyshire, part of the Haddon Hall medieval manor, must have been a dream come true for the owners when garden designer Arne Maynard had completed his work. Haddon Hall is an English country house by the River Wye at Bakewell and belongs to Lord Edward Manners and his family. The house and its terraced Elizabethan gardens are open to the public and have been used as film locations.

This particular garden on the estate is their private one and is sometimes open to the public as well. I'm inspired by these gorgeous pink and purple shades and would love to take a walk in the garden to enjoy the scenery.
Magnificent scented roses and a deep herbaceous border by the house
Copper beech cubes give a bold structure to the open space, contrasted with the soft planting
of herbaceous grasses and flowers in square beds to the sides


  1. All I want right now is to read a book somewhere in this garden. I wouldn't desire anything more for the day.

    1. I think Jane Austen would be the ideal reading ;-)


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