Wednesday, 7 August 2013

space: a kitchen in a Creole manor in the South

When you discover that a source of a photo is a magazine called Garden and Gun you know you have entered the South, right? This kitchen, where vintage meets cottage style, belongs to a two-hundred-year-old Creole manor on the Bayou. You know what the owner, antiques dealer Patrick Dunne, changed first? He removed the dishwasher, "a bold statement given how much the New Orleans epicure entertains." Sounds like something I would not have done!

I have kept this photo in my files for almost forever and it wasn't until my friend Ada of Classiq linked to photographer Brie Williams in one of her posts that I discovered that she had taken it. Follow the Garden and Gun (I love writing this name on the blog) link below to view the rest of the house; I'm going to dwell in this kitchen a bit longer, admiring the collection of kitchenware.

PS. Thank you for your kind comments and likes on the Scandinavia table, A was glad to see that people liked his design.

photo credit:
Brie Williams for Garden and Gun, August/September 2011


  1. Stripe red and white linens AND copper pots? Too much kitchen loveliness to handle!

  2. I love that name, Garden and Gun, too. :) The brass kitchenware, striped towels and white painted brick wall have caught my interest.

  3. Love the rustic feeling and those copper pots and pans, yes please!


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