Thursday, 29 August 2013

Space: a Texan kitchen with metal-framed doors

The owner of this kitchen is designer Pamela Pierce, who lives in a 1920s house in Houston, Texas. When remodelling her home she wanted a kitchen with a European feel, exposed beams and lots of light. A coal shaft that couldn't be removed restricted the usable space so to make the kitchen feel bigger she added the metal-framed doors that open to the patio. I couldn't picture this kitchen without them; they were what drew me in, and the limestone flooring.

This is one of those kitchen photos in my files that I find myself viewing quite regularly. It wasn't until I found a pdf file on the website of Chateau Domingue, a company that provided the marble worktops, that I realised that I had seen this home before. The file contains a feature in Western Interiors & Design and I recognised a photo of open shelves instantly. Earlier this year I had pinned it from Sarah of Haute Design, who shared more photos from this same house.

photo credit:
Stephen Karlisch for Western Interiors & Design, April/May 2008 via Chateau Domingue


  1. I often dream of having a rustic country place with metal-framed doors like these. I love the industrial yet welcoming vibe they afford to a space.

  2. The metal framed doors are what sets this kitchen apart. Lovely!

  3. Some people are just gifted to have a vision.... Such a beautiful room. Definitely feels like the heart of the house. x


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