Tuesday, 13 August 2013

striped rugs on natural ones

Every now and then I like using my blog to play with ideas for my own home, whether I go through with them or not is irrelevant. As I was viewing the home of interior and garden designer Michael Trapp, I couldn't help but noticing how he styles some of his large striped Persian rugs, which he has in various colours: he layers a natural rug under the striped one. (I had to include the bedroom where he doesn't layer the rug so you could see the difference.) I have been thinking about a striped rug for our hallway, which made me think about getting one for the living room as well.
I am more interested in getting a multi-coloured rug. What I like about the colours in the wool rug to the right, Jazz Stripe Purple Rug (handmade in India), are the options it gives to play with colours. In summertime one could draw out the blue tones in the rug by using home accessories, like cushions, vases, etc. in various shades of blue and white. In wintertime one could transform the space by using accessories to match the purple and burgundy tones of the rug. A multi-coloured rug gives you more options to play with - good for those who easily get tired of their surroundings and are in constant need for a change!

Back to my hallway: We have a sisal rug on the floor and what I have realised is that the hallway lacks a centre. A striped rug placed over our sisal rug could be the answer I'm looking for. I think that this Joseph Stripe Green Wool Rug could be ideal. The soft tones and pin-stripes would be excellent for that earthy vibe that I have in mind for the space.

If you have a striped rug in your home then I'm interested in knowing how you use it to pull the space together.
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1-2, 4-5: Eric Piasecki for Elle Decor / 3: Oldrids & Downtown


  1. I don't have a striped rug in my home, but now I'm thinking of getting one. I couldn't help but notice the raw wooden coffee table in the top right photo too. It brings even more rusticity to the room and I love it.

  2. I love striped rugs and have them in most rooms. I find that they anchor the other elements of the scheme so effortlessly.


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