Monday, 12 August 2013

Summer living | Vive l'été

Today I find myself thinking about last chances in relation to summer. Summer isn't over yet, but we are almost halfway into August already and before we know it the mornings will begin to turn crisp, depending on where in the world we live. Some of these last chances are enjoying flowers on windowsills or in window boxes. Another last chance that comes to mind is sitting on a porch well into the evening, reading or just watching people walking by with their dogs. I don't have a porch but I can enjoy that kind of scenery on the balcony.

Another last chance is taking the morning coffee on the patio or in the garden.

Yet another last chance is a boat ride. This photo is taken on a late August day in Central Park, New York. I call it taking a boat ride with style.

The sailing season will be over soon and cruisers will have to start preparing their boats for the winter.

Here in Luxembourg we have enjoyed wonderful and warm summer days. The temperatures have started going down just a little but the weather is still behaving well. Yesterday we ate dinner on the balcony rather late in the evening and I wrapped myself in a pashmina, which I haven't done since I don't know when. It made me think about items for the autumn, like knitted sweaters that can also be paired with summer skirts and dresses.

I have also been thinking about bags. In my first Summer living | Vive l'été post I shared Mary Jo Matsumoto's white Salt Creek shopper that screamed summertime. Now I have my eyes on her totes. On my wish list is her Thalia Street tote, made of brown leather with a turquoise piping, but I'm feeling her blue Trestles tote as well. Its neon yellow piping is such a wonderful contrast to the blue colour and another detail that adds to the luxury is the grass green ultra-suede lining.

If you are lucky enough to be able to take a few extra days off in the autumn the ideal destination is some place exotic, mainly to prolong the summer. I think this photo is actually taken somewhere in Spain but the decor feels Moroccan. As I'm not on my way to Morocco or any place exotic I'm hoping for an Indian summer.

photo credit:
1: Steve Steinhardt via Style Me Pretty / 2: Rob Karosis via Garden Design / 3: Ngoc Minh Ngo via Garden Design / 4: Tip Toes (Central Park, NY) / 5: Koto Bolofo for GQ UK, August 2010 via The Fashionisto | Danny Beauchamp styled by Jo Levin / 6: Alex Cayley for Vogue España, August 2013 via The Fashionography | Bette Franke wearing Céline, Autumn 2013 Collection, styled by Sara Fernández / 7: Trestles Collection tote by Mary Jo Matsumoto via her blog Trust Your Style / 8: El Mueble


  1. I think these last weeks of summer call for another visit to my parents' country house to enjoy coffee on the porch very early in the morning. :) Such a blissful atmosphere in that last photo! I'm hoping for an Indian summer too.

  2. aah,, when I read this I feel a little smile creep across my face as I start to look forward to summer. The buds only just peeping through some branches and the wind has started whirling but surprisingly we have some mild weather (today it is 17degrees!) - a very springlike introduction before spring really hits.:)

  3. There's something very special about the change of seasons - I love it! :)


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