Monday, 19 August 2013

Summer living | Vive l'été

Lately I have noticed how I seem to be drawn to various shades of pink and purple. I think it all started as I was browsing the website of John Robshaw Textiles (I blogged about his work here) and came across a hand printed cushion called Bindi Brinjal, in eggplant and white, which I just pinned. Then on Friday I read a textile post by Courtney of the Style Court blog where she writes about "rich eggplant and soft amethyst mixed with blue." Her post led me to other websites where I was able to enjoy beautiful pink/purple textiles, which reminded me of certain images in my folders.

While viewing the textiles of Carolina Irving I was reminded of this photo (below) of a patio that belongs to a rustic house in the Province of Grosseto in Tuscany. Then I opened the blog of photographer Georgianna Lane to find myself among pink houses (above) on the island of Burano, a short boat trip from Venice. At that moment this blog post was born.

From Italy we head to both France and Denmark to find more gorgeous colours. How beautiful is the scenery in front of that old window in the town of Sarlat? It is taken in springtime but reminds me of summer. And how stylish is that white and purple garden shed in Denmark? Even the rain boots match the colour palette!

And from France and Denmark to these hand painted home accessories in fuchsia somewhere in Spain. I guess I'm describing my blog process, where one image or colour takes me on a spontaneous online journey, one of the reasons why I love blogging.

This last photo is taken in a stunning English garden during springtime. The garden seems to contain the colours of all the four seasons. To me the pink shades are a reminder that summer is almost over and the purple shades remind me of the coming autumn season, mainly of fashion items and accessories. Then there are the evergreens that survive the winter and the light green shades that for me indicate the arrival of spring.

photo credit:
1: Georgianna Lane (Burano, Venice, Italy) / 2: Andrea Vierucci for AT Casa / 3: Carolina Irving (Amazon aubergine) / 4: Carolina Irving (Andaluz rose) / 5: Yvan Lemeur (Sarlat, France) / 6: Anders Schønnemann for Bo Bedre / 7: Frederikke Heiberg for Bo Bedre / 8: Nuevo Estilo / 9: Four Seasons Garden


  1. It is definitely a vibrant colour scheme. I like a hot pink as an accent colour in accessories and a more dusky pink for home textiles. Purple I haven't used in my interior so far but I could see a sort of aubergine hue for an autumnal twist in interior for the ideas:-)

  2. What a feast for the eye! From Georgianna's stunning photo to those beautiful colourful decorative pieces and the gorgeous English garden, it's all so inspiring and energizing.

  3. I just love these color-filled photos...this post puts me in a great mood on this Monday morning!!
    Hope you're enjoying your last, fun days of summer~

    Lisa E

  4. Beautiful post Lisa the gardens are stunning, I love the little window with all the beautiful flowers framing it. I think those vibrant colours work very well as accents.
    Have a lovely week:)
    Wendy x

  5. Oh, Lisa, this palette is so where I live! Such a beautiful collection of images, and those textiles, wow! Thank you so much for including my photo from fabulous Burano. Really such a treat.



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