Monday, 26 August 2013

Summer living | Vive l'été

It feels strange to publish my last Summer living | Vive l'été post this season and I cannot say that I have been in a hurry to do so today, mainly because it almost feels as if I'm announcing the end of summer. There is still about one month left of it but for me the beginning of September marks the arrival of autumn and that's why this series has come to an end.

The images in this last post mainly express what my summer has been like. I didn't go on a fancy picnic like the one in the top photo but it takes us just a few minutes to bicycle to a spot that has the exact same scenery. We started this summer by going for a walk in that area and this photo could be part of the photos I shot then.

I don't think I have ever done as much gardening as I did this summer, if I don't count the summers I spent in the garden of my grandparents as a little girl. If I wasn't gardening I was reading on the patio or the balcony.

For me the plant of this summer was lavender; I was pretty much obsessed, but I guess you knew that already.

For me this was a summer of wonderful stay-cationing but we are going on a road trip next week, before the kids go back to school. I hope you enjoyed a wonderful summer and made it one to remember.

photo credit:
1: Vero Suh Photography via Style Me Pretty / 2: Micasa / 3: High Spring Summer 2011 ad campaign via Lovingly Simple / 4: Patrick Cline for Lonny, September 2012 p. 174 / 5: Angus McRitchie for Decormag (French edition) via My Scandinavian Home | styling: Nicola Marc / 6: Giulia Bellato via Nicole Franzen/Pinterest / 7-8: Adrian Brown + Vivian Yeo for Country Living / 9: Christopher Price (Snowshill Lavender Farm, Gloucestershire, UK)


  1. You captured the feeling of your summer so perfectly through these images Lisa. I hope you have a wonderful trip and take lots of pictures :)

  2. I can't believe summer will soon come to an end. I am certain we're going to enjoy an Indian summer, so the summer atmosphere will linger on around here. A road trip sounds wonderful for the end of summer.

  3. The yellow doors are just gorgeous, Lisa. I love the lavender shots, too. Can't believe how quickly summer had passed this year!

  4. I love that first image... and that's what I love - a picnic in the warm sun. I can't wait! I'm sure it summer will slowly creep away for you and there are more warm days to come - these days it's never a definitive date when a season changes:)

  5. oh, I wish you'd keep these posts up during the winter. I think we are all going to need a reminder of summer once winter hits :)


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