Friday, 27 September 2013

bon week-end

As an avid reader this photo resonated with me the minute I saw it. There is something about sitting at a café, wrapped in a pashmina (or a blanket) and reading that makes my heart tick.

It is a rare sight to see people with books these days. Just this morning at the train station in the city my teenage daughter said to me that everyone was either on the phone or listening to music on the phone. Everyone had the head buried in their phone and no one seemed to be looking up. People even walked without looking up from their phone. Interesting observation by a teenager, I have to say. At cafés and on the train my head is often buried in a book or a magazine. I like the noise and distraction by something going on in my surroundings; I don’t want to block out the environment completely. When I walk I walk with my app-free phone in the bag, if I remember to bring it with me. I guess I'm not much of a phone person. I like looking straight ahead when walking.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
Dmitry Kutuzov Photography, discovered via Tumblr



  1. What a beautiful photo! Sitting at a sidewalk cafe, enjoying coffee (or tea these days in my case) with a book or magazine in your hand while it's still warm enough to enjoy staying outside is truly wonderful. Tell me about people always with their heads buried in their phones on the street, on the subway, at a cafe, everywhere. I went out with my husband one evening this week and while sitting at our table, having a conversation and enjoying dinner, we were observing how many people around us were ignoring each other because what was happening on their phones seemed to be much more important than what was happening in their lives right then. It's our sad, sad reality.

    1. Sad reality is the right phrase. It seems like too many people have lost the ability to be in the moment, to enjoy what's happening here & now.

  2. I notice that all the time when I am out in restaurants too - when Alex and I are out together or with friends, ours phones are put away. Time with loved ones is precious! Happy weekend Lisa! xxoo

  3. Love the photograph Lisa, a wonderful treat to sit at a sidewalk cafe with a book. I agree with your sentiments, my phone is rarely used I have no aps and I really do not like seeing people with their faces bent down to phones or ears plugged in to music. I think we will see a generation with deformed bodies, heads permanently bent forward.
    They sadly miss a lot of life around them.
    Have a lovely weekend Lisa, we are off to a sidewalk cafe for latte and pastries:)
    Wendy x


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