Wednesday, 25 September 2013

space: a dining room in an old boathouse

The arrival of autumn always makes me recipe-crazier than usual (if you saw my stack you would understand why I use the word crazy). I find myself viewing endless recipes, especially soups. Pies too. I also find myself more drawn to rustic countryside homes that look both homey and stylish. My eyes go straight to the photos of the kitchen and dining area, and I get particularly happy if the table has been set. The dining room in the photo is in an old boathouse, which has been renovated and is used as a summer house. I like that they keep cushions on the benches and blankets to keep warm. It looks so snug.

I have to tell you that for dinner yesterday I made the Sweet Potato Soup (it contains carrots as well) that I mentioned in my yesterday's post. I used Greek yoghurt instead of heavy cream and I added fresh ginger and I loved it. It reminded me of this Zanzibar Carrot and Coconut Soup that I like serving when the weather gets colder.

photo credit:
Lina Ikse Bergman for Country life #1, 2011 via Sköna hem


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  1. All this talk about delicious food in tune with the season makes me rush into the kitchen and start baking. I love to try new soup recipes in autumn and I bake a pie at least once a week when the weather gets colder. Can't wait to make the first pumpkin pie of the season. What a cosy space and lovely table setting!


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