Friday, 4 October 2013

Bon week-end

As I write this I'm enjoying tea and home-made biscotti and listening to the rain pouring down - feels rather nice and makes the apples on our tree look even more red. By my side is Louise Erdrich's The Plague of Doves, a novel I'm thoroughly enjoying (so far, my favourite by her), and the October issue of British Vogue. This is the kind of peaceful morning I have been waiting for. It seems like I have been so busy lately, always running errands and going back and forth between our town and the city. Now it's time to relax, today it's a well deserved me-time day.

Have a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
Venetia Scott for Vogue UK, October 2013 via Photoshoot | Georgia May Jagger in 'Dream a little dream' styled by Bay Garnett

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  1. What a peaceful photo! I'm longing for this kind of day, Lisa. I'm happy the weekend is almost here, because I'm planning to have some me-time moments. :)


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