Friday, 18 October 2013

bon week-end

As I will be quite busy in the next weeks and won't have the time to nurture my blog the way I would like to, it was my plan to take a blog break soon. I hadn't decided when exactly I would start the break and then yesterday I believe my laptop, which sometimes seems to have a life of its own, probably decided to start the break for me. Parts of it seem to work while other parts clearly aren't (for the Mac users out there, my Finder simply isn't functioning, and it refuses to relaunch). I think it's time to purchase a new computer and give this one its final rest after years of faithful service.

Anyway, if my laptop survives the weekend I will be back next week. For now I wish you a wonderful weekend!

photo credit:
1: Country Home via Abbey Smith / 2: Lavish Locations via The Caledonian Mining Expedition Company



  1. Bon weekend, Lisa! I hope your laptop survives the weekend. :)

  2. Have a wonderful weekend, Lisa. I hope the laptop holds out and that you have a restful few days before your busy weeks. :)

  3. Love these photos, Lisa! Perfect mood enhancers. :) Have a lovely weekend and I hope your laptop revives. But a new one would be nice, too. Wait until after the 22nd as new ones are being announced. xo


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