Monday, 21 October 2013

brighter shade than pale 17

Welcome to a new week! As you can see, my computer is still alive but after describing its condition to a friend that works in IT the verdict was: "I believe your computer is singing its last hymns." That is putting it gently, isn't it?

Today I'm thinking about flowers and plants. I guess it's because of those final moments of gardening before the cold starts kicking in. Makes me wish I had a conservatory. And not just any conservatory! I want Jasper Conran's, which I have already posted on the blog.

photo credit:
1-2: Laura Dart for Kinfolk / 3: Nicklas Rudfell for Residence Magazine via Solid Frog



  1. You've just made me think of spring, seeing that beautiful bunch of white lilac in the vase in the top photo. Flowers simply transform a space. I wish I had a garden. I will certainly buy fresh flowers today. :)

  2. I was daydreaming all weekend about building a little glass house off the side of the house for gardening. I have no idea if it would be possible but I can't stop thinking about it! Love all these images!


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