Wednesday 23 October 2013

interior design: English country house style

I cannot tell you in which magazine this feature on John Roger's countryside home appeared, but I'm guessing either World of Interiors or House Beautiful, as it's written by Carol Prisant. Roger heads the Antiques Department of Sibyl Colefax & John Fowler, an English design firm established in the 1930s. He was a barrister and one day he walked into their showroom to buy a lacquered desk and his career took a quite different turn. There is a detail of the desk in the photo below and you can see it stand in the corner of his living room. I find his house in the country delightful, homey yet stylish - uncluttered country style appeals to me. I also like the landscaping, which isn't too formal. I wish I could tell you more from the article but these are scans I found online and they don't contain the interview with Roger.

On a personal note, it is time for my blog break. The next weeks will keep me busy and I'm not sure when exactly I will return to blogging, probably towards the end of November. I promise some news when I get back. (If you are a Pinterest user you will find me pinning while enjoying my coffee.) À bientôt!

photo credit:
Elizabeth Zeschin (scans) via Kitchens I Have Loved



  1. What a charming house and a beautiful garden! It would be a bliss to spend a gorgeous autumn day like we're having today in the garden.

    I'll be missing you in the blogosphere, Lisa. :)

  2. Now, since I'm a huge Downton Abbey fan I wouldn't mind a restful week in an English cottage. I'd feel like landed gentry!

  3. What a lovely garden, particularly that last image... it's like a secret walled garden escape. Enjoy your blog break Lisa.

  4. What a lovely beautiful! Enjoy the blog break!

    Happy regards,
    Lisa E

  5. beautiful entrance,...cozy coconut carpet,...elegant fireplace,...lovely bathroom...Amazing garden!


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