Wednesday, 2 October 2013

notes à la mode 38

That Karl Lagerfeld managed to inspire me with about five looks out of eighty-nine was the biggest surprise of this fashion week season. That is, for me.

Before this Paris Fashion Week, which ends today, I cannot remember when was the last time I enjoyed a Chanel show. Maybe back in 2010 or 2011. Out of old habit I viewed the show and by look four or five I was already yawning (how often can the classic Chanel suit be redone?). Then something happened towards the end of the show, something wonderful. All of sudden I felt inspired. I was even smiling. Luckily Scott Schuman of the Sartorialist posted two of my favourite outfits. His pictures are more interesting than the usual runway photos.

I haven't had time to view many spring collections but I have to say that one of my biggest disappointments this season was Haider Ackermann and his rockabilly collection. Have you viewed it? It's a designer that has made it to my list of favourites and I was looking forward to see his show. It turned into one of those moments where I found myself thinking what the hell just happened?

You know all about my love for Dries Van Noten. Despite the frills (not for me) and occasional weird styling (at least for me), there were plenty of items in his spring collection that I really liked.

Still the sheer length of the show allowed for a complete picture of Van Noten’s aesthetic—his way of hinting at the folkloric and ethnic and the kind of women who’ve always wanted to weave world-traveling souvenirs into their wardrobes. “I thought about how Tamara de Lempicka, Loulou de la Falaise, and Charlotte Rampling dressed,” he said. “And I wondered how they’d do it today.” That would explain the translations of peasant smocks in natural, undyed fabric and lace, and the elaborate tasseled-carpet-shoulder bag which lent its influence to tassel-fringed knits further down the line.
from the Vogue US review by Sarah Mower [grey font, mine]

Some weeks ago a friend from Antwerp posted on her Facebook page that there would be a Dries Van Noten exhibition in Paris next year. It takes place in the Les Arts Décoratifs from 28 February to 14 August. This can only mean a trip to Paris next year.

My knees went weak when Stella showed this navy suit on the runway in Paris. Want it!

Such a chic look from the Bottega Veneta collection presented at the Milan Fashion Week. One can always count on Tomas Maier for something classic. I wouldn't mind having that skirt in my wardrobe.

photo credit:
1-2: Chanel Spring 2014 via The Sartorialist / 3: Chanel Spring 2014 via Vogue US / 4-9: Dries Van Noten Spring 2014 via Vogue US (5 + 6 cropped by me) / 10: Stella McCartney Spring 2014 via Vogue US / 11: Bottega Veneta Spring 2014 via Vogue US



  1. Yes, there were a few Chanel looks that saved the show, but the collection didn't do much for me. I loved the materials and some details though. Haider Ackermann was a big disappointment for me too. In fact, the entire Paris Fashion Week was kind of a disappointment. Chloe, Celine, Nina Ricci, Akris, Saint Laurent, I was looking forward to their collections and they all failed to impress me, I could barely find a few looks that could inspired me in some way. The Stella McCartney navy suit attracted my attention too, but I didn't like the shoes. And, yes, you can always count on Tomas Maier for something classic.

    1. For me I would say that liking 5 out of 89 looks was pretty good for Chanel, haha
      There are so many shows I still haven't viewed and so far I haven't felt the wow factor when viewing any of the collections. I agree with you on Akris, nothing much going on there, but I liked Chloé, not all of it but I liked the comfy feel and the colours.

  2. I agree with all your picks. Channel got really panned by a lot of bloggers and writers, I'm with you on that last colorful look--just love it, although it does have a bit of a J Crew/Kate Spade vibe. Ah that Dries dress is dreamy! And the navy Stella suit is going to haunt me now :)

    xo Mary Jo


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