Tuesday, 8 October 2013

space: a living room in Dalkeith

This living room is an Oswald Homes design. It belongs to a residence in Dalkeith, a suburb of Perth in West Australia. This particular angle of the living room appeals to me. There is something very appealing about a space that is filled with books, where floorboards meet a traditional rug, in this case red, and a neutral coloured sofa. The neatly decorated glass coffee table adds even more charm. What I also like about this angle is seeing how casually the books sit on the shelves - looks both homey and elegant.

photo credit:
Oswald Homes via Design You Trust



  1. I would love a bookcase like that one in our home, so elegant. But I would need a more spacious living room. Whenever I see a library I want to reorganize my books shelves, both in the living room and in the home office.

  2. I agree, it looks lived in and lovely, especially the way the books are arranged. I was admiring the couch too, very similar to the flax I bought but luckily I don't have so much tufting to do, it would be the end of me :)

  3. Books, books, books! A house without dozens of books simply isn't a home.


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