Thursday 21 November 2013

wherever I lay my hat...

that's my home.

Life has changed since my last post and I'm happy to tell you that I'm writing this one from my new home in the UK. From the West Midlands, about 25 minutes from Birmingham to be exact. We have moved. Again. Au revoir, Luxembourg!

It wasn't planned; it sort of just happened, and when it was clear we would move I thought we wouldn't until in maybe two months. Then things started rolling quite fast and before I knew it we had packed almost everything and I remember being very tired (okay, I was exhausted) when we drove to Calais to catch a ferry across the Channel with most of our stuff (A will soon go to get the rest). If there is anyone out there contemplating on whether to move (abroad) or not then let me just tell you to stop worrying and go for it. In my experience it's best to embrace changes because resisting them makes it a whole lot more difficult to let go. These thoughts and worries in your head aren't real, and changes bring new opportunities. Courage, my friend, courage!

I think we get used to a new home in small steps. For me there seem to be occurring moments when I sense a feeling of I'm home and slowly that feeling grows deeper. Yesterday I felt it strongly when I had finished arranging the sitting room and began unpacking the coffee table books. It was a deeper I'm home than the day before. Or maybe it was just the handling of books playing a trick on me.

When our eight-year old started telling us about King James I, Guy Fawkes, and the Gunpowder Plot over dinner I got the feeling that he was feeling quite at home already, and obviously paying good attention at school.

These days I'm busy arranging our things and getting the children settled while A is attending a workshop at his new workplace. Everyone is doing fine and we are all ready for our UK adventure. I mean, what could possibly go wrong, we are basically living in the Shire?!! (Shire as in the LOTR. Tolkien lived just a bit further south.)

By the way, that photo wasn't planned. I was emptying boxes and suitcases and I only put the hat on the windowsill while I was arranging something. Then I looked at it and was immediately reminded of the line in Paul Young's song.

In my defence he was my 80s idol.

I have got plenty of unpacking to do and right now I have to rely on a hotspot wi-fi connection, which is constantly testing my patience doesn't always work. Consequently, I don't know how effective my blogging will be in the next days. One of these days I will back properly. I'm definitely feeling inspired by my new surroundings and I'm already marking places in Staffordshire and Warwickshire that I want to explore. When I have changed the name of the blog to EarlGreyLisa you will know that I have settled well and become a proper Brit!

photo credit:
Lisa Hjalt



  1. No way!! I can't believe you moved to the UK and I haven't even sensed it here on the blog:-) Wow, I am very happy for you and hope you will feel very much at home in England! Oh and I love your line about courage. That is exactly my point of view, too!

  2. Welcome back, Lisa! I'm glad to hear you almost call your new house "home". I knew the English countryside will agree with you. :)

  3. Lisa, I am in awe of your courage, to move so many times cannot be easy.
    You are in my homeland now! Love the photo:)
    I wish you and your family every happiness in your new home and you will love living in the UK and I hope you can still find a good latte:)

  4. I love England so much! I lived there, my hubby too some years later, and we thought about moving back at one point, but we ended up in Vienna. Enjoy! Is it a cosy english country house by any chance?

  5. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging words ;-)

  6. Wow, that´s amazing! Very courageous and spontaneous. I´m in awe.

  7. Welcome to my little island!

  8. Wow, to say that I am so excited for you is an extreme understatement. I love the UK! Looking forward to following your new journey with you! Enjoy each moment, Lisa! xxoo

  9. My goodness! That is news... Good luck with your settling in and unpacking; I love a good change.
    PS: I loved Paul Young too and saw him in concert about 100 years ago LOL!

  10. Oh, Lisa! What wonderful news!! I'm thrilled for you and your family. I'm sure this will be a marvelous adventure and you're right, nothing replaces the education of living abroad. This might mean we have an even better chance of meeting up one day. :)

    Wishing you a fantastic week.


  11. Dear Lisa, what unexpected news! You must be an expert of moving by now! I wish you swift and smooth settling in! Luxembourg is nice, but I'm sure you'll be having so much more fun in the UK, I'm a bit jealous. :-) All the best!

  12. Wow, Lisa another town, and another country! Courage, my friend.... and be happy wherever you are. Xxxx


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